Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

An Overview


  Introduced in 1986, the highly successful Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP)offers qualified high net worth individuals and families worldwide the opportunity to immigrate to Canada through the Province of Quebec

  The program only accept a maximum of 1900 applications per year


Investor + Spouse


Unmarried children under 21 at the time of application

Program Requirement

  At least 2 years of management experience preceding 5 years of the application

  Legally accumulated net worth in excess of CAD2,000,000 and

  Intention to reside in the province of Quebec and

  Commit to invest CAD$1,200,000 via an authorized broker/trust company

Investment Requirement

  CAD $1.6 million

Financing Option:One-One Time Fee of CAD 350,000

  • Authorized broker /trusted company finances the CAD 1.2M investment on behalf of the investor
  • Investor to pay CAD 350,000 one-time fee to cover the interest cost of the financing
  • CAD 30,000 paid as deposit at filing of the application , Balance CAD 320,000 payable after approval


Prince Edward Island PNP Business Impact Category Program

An Overview


  The PEI PNP is Prince Edward Island’s Provincial Nominee Program. It is sometimes called "the birthplace of Canada" because of the Charlottetown conference, which led to the country’s formation

  The PEI PNP Business Impact category is designed for foreign national who are interested in investing in and actively managing a business in PEI


  Between 21 and 59 years old

Program Requirement

  Personal net worth of least C$ 600,000

  Secondary school graduation or equivalent

  Atleast 3 year of owner and/or management experience

  Atleast CLB 4 (English) or NCLC 4 (fRENCH) language skills (Including speaking, Listening, reading, and writing abilities)

  Authentic intention to live, invest, and work with day-to-day active and ongoing management of the proposed business in PEI

Investment Requirement

  Make a minimum investment of $150,000 CAD into a new or existing PEI owned and operated business

Highlights of PEI PNP

  • Very high approval date
  • Come to Canada earlier with accompanying family members
    • 3 months from PEI PNP application submission to receipt of Work Permit Support Letter
    • 3 months from Work Permit application submission to receipt of Work Permit
      (or 1 day to change the status at the Canadian border from Visitor to Worker)
    • 6 months from the receipt of Nomination Certificate to receipt of Permeant Residence
  • Optional exploratory visit before application to get extra points in EOI
    • GB PEl assisted numerous applicants to obtain 35 points from community endorsement
  • First Payment is refundable if a potential applicant does not receive an ITA

PEI PNP Business Impact Category Work Permit Stream Application Procedures